ArtByCoders is an open platform to create and collect generative NFTs on the Polygon blockchain

WL winners claim Your MintPass for 1 matic

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Mint pass Holders benefits

1. First time in history get secondary Royalty received by the smart contract (Royalty split between platform and Artbycode mint pass holders)

2. Get whitelist in pre-sale of every launch of new project

3. The Artbycoders mint pass is your ticket to all future Artbycode artist releases.Guaranteed access to our drops and exclusive access to our artists.For collectors of contemporary art for digital , this pass is a must have!

4. Genesis NFT by Admin is FREE Mint for Artbycoders mint pass holders

5.Have the Vote Power To send NFT to Graveyard and Receive Hunt Tokens

Buy and sell NFT's from the world’s top artists from different Industries

Our First Drop

Genesis project by Admin is FREE Mint for ArtByCoders mint pass holders

What is ArtByCoders?

The ArtByCoders is a playground for new Artists from different Industries to enter into NFT space with the less Barrier, with the Polygon Network of low fee.The coders can submit there Art with simple foam for curated project

ArtByCode works closely with traditional artists as they navigate the digital art space, helping them to leverage this new medium in a way that feels organic and true to their creative voices. As trusted partners, we ensure our artists seamless, impact drops that respect the value of their art.

With ArtByCoders, both artists and collectors are assured the best user experience possible.

For our collectors, ArtByCoders u access to the best drops the market has to offer. The ArtByCoders team curates a collection which includes renowned figures from the traditional art world as well as hand-picked up and comers. The ArtByCoders team curates artists so you don't have to.

Learning Guide


This road-map will provide a general view of the plans for the development of ArtByCoders during the following months:

1.Artist NFT Launch Artist

2. Launch of DAO Auction Auction

3.Launch of Marketplace where Minter and Artist and Mint-pass holders will Receive Royalty From secondary Sales Marketplace

New Smart Contract features

Once the beta platform reaches a stable state, we will start implementing the next iteration of Smart Contracts, and their integration into the main website. This step includes the audit of such contracts to ensure security of our users over time.

The new Smart Contracts will provide most of the desired features, as most of them require an upgrade of the contracts. The integration of the new contracts into the indexer, API, and front-end will also play an important part as old contracts will have to co-exist along the new ones.

The ABC Token and the main DAO will be implemented during this stage, and they should provide some very solid basis for the future of the platform.

Preparation for the release

1 week prior to the release, we will close the publishing of new projects. During this week, people will be able to mint iterations from these projects. After this last minting week, beta projects will be locked and no more iterations will be mintable. They will reach their final state of Beta projects.

This week will be utilized by the team to deploy the new contracts, architecture, and carefully test that everything runs as originally intended.

The main website will point to the beta platform for the last time during this stage.

Public release (estimation: TBA)

After 4 months, some chaotic debuts, thousands of projects posted by hundreds of wonderful artists, ArtByCoders will exit its beta phase.

Once the contract features will be properly integrated, carefully tested, will be moved to the released platform.

The release will include all the new contract features, as well as the ABC Token and the main DAO. It will include the cohabitation between the beta projects/tokens and the new projects/tokens.

Curated Spaces

More on the curated spaces

The focus after the release will be the implementation of the curated spaces. The first iteration of curated spaces should already provide enough features for ArtByCoders to have a much more robust form.

  • develop the Smart Contract to support Curated Spaces

  • integration of the Curated Spaces into the front end, with a particular focus on the exploration of content through those spaces.

Mint Pass FAQ

What is the Mint Pass?

The Mint Pass is an NFT that offers collectors exclusive access to Launch of new NFTS by artists and drops.

What do you get with the Mint Pass?

The Mint Pass gives holders priority mint and allow list opportunities for all future artist drops.

How many priority mints do I get?

Collections over 5000 will give Mint Pass holders 2 mints. Any collection 1,500 - 5,000 will give Mint Pass holders 1 mint. Anything less than 1,500 will be treated on a case by case basis, with priority going to Mint Pass holders. All mints must happen within the allow list time frame.

How many Mint Passes will there be?

TBA it may 2222 or 3333 or 4444 or 5555 ,but definitely more than 5555!, You get know After MINT !

How do I get one?

Our public sale raffle is Close now! Mint at The drop schedule and mint date will be TBA soon. The Mint Pass will be available on your favorite NFT platform after the public sale ends.

How much is a mint pass?

TBA !!! not less than (1 ETH) ~ 2000 Matic (Polygon)

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